Save $25.00 on drain cleaning services – guaranteed same day service for your Lehigh Valley home or business

Kitchen sink drainDrains have a bad habit of getting clogged with a variety of debris over time. Sometimes these clogs are very difficult to remove on your own. For example, tree roots, residue that builds up from food, hair build-up and mineral accumulation. When this happens, the water in your sinks, tubs or showers drain slowly. In severe cases the water will not drain at all. Our drain cleaning professionals will get your plumbing system working like new again!

Long lasting clean

Robinson Plumbing uses jet cleaning to make sure your pipes are completely clean. This ensures a long lasting result. Other pipe clearing methods can be successful however they may only work temporarily. If you have recurring clogged drains, call us for a jet cleaning estimate.

Complete debris removal

Chemical treatments and/or mechanical treatments, like a plumber’s snake, might get your drains working again however, they may not eliminate all of the residue build up inside your pipes. It is common to still experience clogs or slow draining water after a chemical or mechanical treatment. Conversely, jet cleaning utilizes high water pressure to clear through all clogs and completely remove all debris. It is the most effective way to clean out the debris build up in your pipes. Your pipes will drain normally and you will appreciate the noticeable difference after a jet cleaning!

Do you have a nasty, clogged drain? Let us fix it for you!

Call Robinson Plumbing to get a jet cleaning estimate, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced plumbers will  determine the location of the clog and we’ll deliver the best solution.

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