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5 Questions For Prospective Plumbers In Easton, PA

Hiring plumbers in the Easton, PA area who are able to handle all of the tasks that come their way can seem challenging. Picking up the phone to make a call and receive a quote is the easy part. There are no shortage of plumbers available in the town of Easton, PA and differentiating one from the next is not always easy.

By taking the time to answer the following questions, a prospective client is given the chance to avoid the typical problems. These questions need to be asked as early as possible, as they allow customers to save a great deal of time and money. Be sure to read on and learn more.

1) What If a Break Of Some Kind Takes Place?

This is a question that needs to be asked before and after the project takes place. A top plumber is not only willing to repair any damages that take place during the project itself, they are also willing to stand behind their work after the project has been completed. If the plumber displays no willingness to assist their clientele with any damages that take place before or after the project has been completed, this is a major red flag.

2) Who Will Actually Be Doing The Work?

Don’t be alarmed if the plumber that was present for the initial consultation is not the plumber that will be present for the actual project. A plumber that employs a team of skilled technicians is nothing to fear, but a plumber that is not forthcoming about the fact that they are not going to be handling the work themselves is. Receive a firm answer on this matter before choosing a plumber to assist you.

3) When Is Payment Expected?

Always take the time to ask this question upfront, no matter what. Some plumbers may not have any problems with waiting to be paid until a later date. Other plumbers might require a client that is willing to pay for their services upfront. However, no plumber should ever be asking their clients to provide them with a 100 percent payment before any work has been done. Do not ever make the mistake of fulfilling such a request.

4) Is The Rate Going To Be Flat?

This is another way for prospective clients to weed out the plumbers that do not actually have their best interests at heart. A top notch plumbing is typically not going to charge an hourly rate for their services and if they do, this is usually a sign to look elsewhere. The best plumbers are able to provide their clients with a flat rate during the early stages of the project, which makes the payment process much easier for the customer.

5) Will You Provide Proof of Licensing and Insurance?

When it comes to the questions that need to be asked regarding the plumbers that are being considered for the task at hand, this is clearly the most crucial. Don’t forget to receive proof of licensing and insurance. This keeps customers from potentially being left holding the bag for various charges.


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