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Benefits Of A New Water Softener

If you are like many individuals, you may view water softeners as something that is necessary. In reality, however, this device offers major long-term benefits. In this article, we will discuss some essential facts about water softeners and the advantages that come with using one. Click through to learn more. Read more »

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Top Water Conservation Tips For Summer

During the summer, the amount of water consumed by most households increases considerably, with the main reason being lawn irrigation. That said, the average homeowner doesn't think too much about their water bill, unless they have a large lawn. But the amount of water you consume doesn't solely affect your utility bill. Excessive consumption will end up straining your local supply as well. Fortunately, all it takes to make your home more efficient is just a few simple tips. Click through to read more on the best ways to conserve water during the summer season. Read more »

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Top Tips For Water Softener Maintenance

Water softeners are among one of the low-key appliances in the modern household. With the exception of setting up the device and replenishing the salt, there's not much one needs to do. Still, there are a few vital maintenance tasks that help enhance the efficiency and life of your water softener. Click through to find out what you need to do. Read more »

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Top 7 Benefits For Installing A Water Softening System In Your Home

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. However, data from the Virginia Cooperative Extension shows that approximately 85% of residential properties in the US use hard water. The problem with hard water is it contains high levels of minerals and metals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, barium, zinc, iron, aluminum, and stromium that can cause a host of problems. With these facts, it is obvious that water softeners can majorly benefit you and your home. Click through to read more on what the top 7 benefits are of having a water softener. Read more »