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The Pros And Cons Of Tankless Water Heaters

The Department of Energy (DOE) says that water heating expenses account for anything between 14% and 18% of the average energy bill. Fortunately, you can cut your water heating costs significantly. You can do this by replacing your traditional storage tank water heater with a more energy efficient tankless (on demand) water heater. In fact, you should do so because water heating costs are typically the second highest utility costs for a typical American household. This article shares a detailed look at the pros and cons of tankless water heaters. Click through to read more on this subject. Read more »

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Great Ways To Make Your Home More Water Efficient

With many areas of the country experiencing a water shortage, it's a good idea to notice your own usage. This is a good time to see if there are ways in which you can cut back. Sometimes, simple conservation tips can make a big difference. Of course, if you are ready to invest a bit of money, you can also upgrade toilets, shower heads and other fixtures in order to ensure they are as water efficient as possible. Click through to read more on this subject. Read more »

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Does Your Home Waste Too Much Water?

Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised that making their homes a little more earth friendly also translates into savings. One way that homeowners can reduce their household costs is by being aware of the water use. There are many ways that water is used unnecessarily. The average shower time is 8.2 minutes, which uses approximately 17.2 gallons of water. A long shower may be relaxing, but a long one can use more water than necessary. You can cut your shower time down by turning the water off when you are soaping up. You can significantly reduce the amount of water that your household uses by following some simple tips. One of the best ways to conserve water in your home is by being aware of your plumbing system. Read this article to find out more on what you can do to reduce your water use and therefore, reduce your water bill. Read more »