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What Is That Sewer Smell In My House?

There are many types of odors that you can have at home. When you do a lot of cooking, you throw food in the trash. The food that you throw into the trash may produce a foul smell when it is not taken out. What should concern you is a foul smell, in your home, that you cannot explain and it, simply, will not go away. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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Your Guide to Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Spring is the time of year when many homeowners perform maintenance chores. During the winter, your plumbing system battles freezing weather, flooding or other seasonal hazards. Hopefully your plumbing survived the winter intact. As they say, it is better safe than sorry. Spring is the perfect time for “spring cleaning” for your plumbing. Spending the time and money now, may save your property from water damage. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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The Damage Caused By High Water Pressure

One of the most common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners is low water pressure. Low water pressure may inconvenience you since it is hard to take a shower. However, that kind of problem will not cause any form of damage to your property. High water pressure, on the other hand, can cause serious damage to your property. This is because most plumbing systems are designed to handle a given water pressure. If water pressure inside the pipes exceed this limit, the plumbing system will not be able to accommodate the pressure. That's when problems start to arise. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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What Do Those Strange Plumbing Noises Mean?

Many of us cannot imagine our lives without modern plumbing for even a day. However, some of the things we do, or do not do, each day could easily bring us to this point. Failing to get your pipes checked periodically or, even worse, ignoring possible signs of plumbing problems could result in using "creative methods" as you wait for the plumber to arrive. Luckily, it does not have to get to that. Click through to learn about common plumbing noises and what they indicate. Read more »

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Best Ways To Avoid Plumbing Scams

A plumber is either called in for maintenance, an emergency, or to address an ongoing issue. Because many people are not familiar with plumbing, it's easy to fall victim to plumbing scams. By doing a bit of research and getting a solid estimate before the work begins, you can avoid scams and work with a reputable contractor. Click through to learn more on this topic. Read more »

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Plumbing: Maintenance Tips

Plumbing problems, and the associated mistakes that happen when trying to fix those problems, can cost you hundreds of dollars. You can avoid these mistakes by knowing a few routine things to do. You can also save yourself a lot of hassle by knowing what not do to. When in doubt, call a plumber and save yourself money in the long run. Click through to learn more about some basic plumbing tips that every homeowner should know. Read more »

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When To Hire A Plumber Vs. DIY Plumbing Project

If you own your own home, chances are you have performed some plumbing repairs yourself. Fixing a leaky faucet, repairing toilet hardware and installing washing machine hoses are examples of tasks that are within the ability of most people. However, when tasks become more complicated, it's better to let professionals handle the task. In this article, we will discuss when you can take on a project and when it is best to call in a professional plumber. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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How Trees Affect Your Plumbing Pipes

Trees not only add beauty and shade to the landscape, but also act as windbreakers. Unfortunately, the roots of large trees are notorious for extensively damaging plumbing pipes. Homeowners need to learn how the damage occurs and how to remedy the situation. In this article, we will discuss what causes roots to go into your system and what you can do about it. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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What Causes Low Water Pressure?

It is important to have a constant supply of clean water to your home or workplace. It is key to enjoying good health, hygiene and all the benefits associated with it. However, it is not strange that sometimes the water pressure gets low. Understanding the reasons for such behavior can be all it takes for you to correct the situation. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

The first thing most people do when faced with a clogged drain at home is go out and buy liquid drain cleaners. Although, this may seem like a cost effective and convenient way to solve the problem, there are many reasons why you shouldn't use liquid drain cleaners. In this article, we discuss why liquid drain cleaners are an ineffective way of removing a clogged drain. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »