image of toilet repair services in easton pa

How To Replace A Toilet Seat

Whether you're looking to replace an old, broken toilet seat or you're ready to upgrade to something a bit more attractive or comfortable, there are some basics that you'll need to know. For example, while most plumbing issues are going to require the services of a professional plumber, especially if you want the job done right, replacing an old toilet seat is something that just about anyone should be able to handle. Click through to learn more. Read more »

image of a toilet clog in Bethlehem PA

Steps You Need To Take When Your Toilet Is Overflowing

There are few situations more stressful than watching idly while your toilet overflows and spills onto the bathroom floor below. We have all been there. We all agree that it is incredibly irritating and anxiety inducing. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know in order to prevent an overflowing toilet and how to remove a toilet clog. Click through to find out more. Read more »

image of clogged drain and plunger in Allentown PA

How To Pick The Perfect Plunger

Most people know what a plunger is but many people do not know how to use one. This is why your plunger does not always get the job done. The purpose of this article is to discuss plungers and how to use them. If you know how to use a plunger, you should be able to unblock your sink easily. However, if your best efforts do not work, the right move is to call a plumber to give you a professional solution. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

flooded basement that needs a sump pump install in Allentown PA

How To Handle A Basement Flood

A basement flood is among the worst nightmares of every homeowner. If your basement floods, you can lose cherished keepsakes to mold and mildew, others to water damage, and expect a large bill to salvage the remainder. Coming home to a basement flood can feel very overwhelming, but the tips in this article will help you handle it in the best possible manner. Click through to read more. Read more »

main water shut off valve

The Importance Of Finding Your Water Shutoff Valves

If you find a major leak in your household plumbing, immediately contacting a plumber is likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, if your home is flooding due to major leaks or other problems, shutting off your home's main water valve is the very first action you must take. In this article you will find some facts that will help you locate water valves quickly and stop excessive damage until a plumbing professional arrives. Click through to read more. Read more »